Objective Data Used To Drive An Evidence Based Rehabilitation Approach


At OPS we are dedicated to using objective data measures to best capture your activity level. When fitting a patient with a new prosthesis or orthosis in some cases we gather a baseline of your current walking ability and mobility levels. We then use this information to determine which prosthetic feet or knees are most appropriate for your activity and goals.

Next after some initial prosthetic training we recollect data to see how you have improved with both training and the new prosthetic components that were carefully selected.

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Chart1 Chart2 chart4

These charts represent sample data reports that we will share with you, your physician, any physical or occupational therapists, and your insurance company to show the benefit that an appropriately fitting device and associated rehabilitative care has on your improved mobility.

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chart3 chart6 chart5

Advanced Video Analysis

item1In addition to basic pedometer data we also record your walking patter before delivery of the new prosthesis, 1 week following delivery of the new prosthesis, 3 weeks following your first physical therapy appointment, and at the end of your physical therapy sessions. The software we use to capture the video of your walking style allows the practitioners, the patient, any other supporting medi-cal staff, and your insurance provider to view your progression through rehabilitation. We can even overlay videos over each other so that you can compare how you walk with various styles of prostheses.