Determined To Provide Quality Care

  • We offer free consultations for all patients new and current
  • We offer free house calls for patients that are unable to secure transportation
  • We offer free in-hospital or other care facility visits to provide the be
  • Evening and weekend appointments are available to meet the demands of your busy schedule

Evidence Based Practice

  • All clinical evaluations and treatment plans are backed by scientific studies in our field.
  • The design of each device is a scrutinized based on successful and relevant clinical outcomes that improve the functionality of our paitens
  • All practitioners are up to date on the most relevant information in the field and strive to be educational resources for our patients, their families, and any supportive medical staff.

Educational Resource

  • At OPS we strive to provide all of our patients with a comprehensive understanding of their device, it’s functions, and how it will affect their lifestyle.
  • Please see our “RESOURCES” Section of the website for information concerning your device, how to properly wear it, and potential troubleshooting items.

Leaders In Modern Componentry

  • All practitioners are constantly seeking continuing education on the newest trends and technology in the fields of prosthetics and orthotics.
  • Our practitioners have been trained to fit a variety of microprocessor knees and myoelectric upper extremity terminal devices.

Custom Fabrication

  • At OPS all of our custom device production is performed in house and all practitioners build their own patients devices. This leads to optimized device fittings, functionality, and a very fast turnaround time.
  • We consider ourselves craftsmen in this field and building the device is an essential part of this claim.

Team Approach

  • At OPS when you encounter the need for a prosthetic or orthotic device this can be real life changing moment
  • We are committed to working closely with you, your family, your physician, your physical and occupational therapists, and any other supportive medical staff to ensure that you are meeting all of your functional and lifestyle goals.